Monday, 29 October 2012

Assistants Needed

We urgently need two or more volunteers to assist in the preparation and processing of books for our library.   The candidates should know how to handle books.  They must also display a love for reading and a general affection to work with books.  Furthermore they must know how to work with young children (6 - 12 year olds).  The volunteers will initially assist with the cataloguing and arranging of books on the shelves.  Thereafter they may also be requested to assist in the issuing of books to the learners, or even in reading programmes.  Training will be provided if needed.

Interested parties may contact myself (Idrees Kamish) via the contact numbers provided ( 

For more information about our new library, please click on the New Library link, or simply click:  NEW LIBRARY.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is also needed:  Anyone who wishes to assist financially towards the purchasing of more books (we still need lots) or towards the salary of a permanent librarian, is also welcome to contact me (Idrees - principal) or Mrs Abrahams (secretary).

Please pass on this info. to others who may be interested.

Thank you in advance.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Teachers Needed

Two Foundation Phase teachers are needed for the year 2013.  These posts are currently SGB posts, however they may be converted to WCED posts depending on learner numbers.  Teachers will work in Grade One, Two or Three.  This will be finalized at the interviews.

If interested, please forward your CV and a short letter of application to us via email:

Please ensure that your experience in this phase is shown in your CV.
Also indicate willingness or experience with extra-murals and fundraising.
All CVs should reach us on or before Friday 2 November 2012.
Successful teachers will be appointed for the year (2013).
Thank you.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Awards at Walmer

Every year a number of learners receive awards and certificates at WEPS.  We just love awarding our young learners who work hard academically and those who are well behaved.  Awards are also presented annually for Art and Sport.

Here are some pictures of learners who have recently received awards:

Learning Afrikaans at Walmer

The majority of our learners, being Xhosa (80%) or English (15%) mother tongue speakers, find Afrikaans quite difficult. 

This is why I've started to design an Afrikaans (for English speakers) course since last year.  Thus far this course has proven to be very successful.  So much so that our Grade 4 learners are really starting to enjoy learning this language.

Here are some pictures of them during one of the Afrikaans sessions (on a Friday, being Casual Wear Day):

Parents can help them learn even faster by participating.  The text can be downloaded by clicking the words:  AFRIKAANS VIR BEGINNERS

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ramadhaan Mubarak!

We say Ramadhaan Mubarak to all Muslim learners, parents, staff members and colleagues. 

We wish you a wonderful month, filled with spiritual upliftment.

For an amazing Ramadhaan Health Guide, follow this link:

For beautiful inspiring Ramadhaan lectures by the ever eloquent Mufti Menk,  just click below:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Where Are We Situated?

Walmer Estate Primary School is situated at the foot of Devils Peak, which forms part of Table Mountain just outside the Cape Town City centre.

We are indeed proud of our tranquil settings, with Table Mountain on the East side of our school and the ocean on the West.

From the soccer fields adjacent to our school one can view a large part of the Cape Town city centre, as well as the beautiful ocean.

You can find street directions via Google Maps. 
Follow the link below: