Learn Afrikaans with our Learners

Afrikaans is one of the two languages offered at our school.  Since the majority of our learners (80%) are Xhosa speakers, Afrikaans is actually their third or even fourth language.  It is due to this reason that the English words and sentences are also given along with the Afrikaans to facilitate learning.

For those who do not know how to pronounce the Afrikaans words, we shall be posting some audio and even video files soon to assist learners and parents with the pronunciation.

The lessons presented here are to assist our learners and other learners like them.  We are presenting them in this blog so that the parents can also access them and assist the learners.  All the lessons presented have been written/ prepared by the principal Mr M. I. Kamish.

If you wish to download these lessons, you can make a request by using the comment tag  below or by sending a request via email.  ( muhidkam@yahoo.com )

The programme is simply called: Afrikaans Vir Beginners (Afrikaans For Beginners)

Please click one of the links below to access the Afrikaans lessons.
1.   Oefening 1-5
4.   Oefening  17-21

The new Afrikaans Workbooks of WCED are also very useful.  We use the Grade 2 - 6 Afrikaans workbooks with our Intermediate learners.  Since these books are designed for Afrikaans mother tongue speakers, they can be used in the upper grades with great success.

Here's a link to one of the Grade Two Workbooks (containing 138 pages):

1.  Graad Twee Afrikaans

Here's a link to some Afrikaans words and phrases


More lessons will follow soon!

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