Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mandela Day at Walmer EPS

We had a wonderful day celebrating Madiba's Birthday.

Our learners all participated with poetry, singing and dancing. In fact Mr Mandela made an appearance in person!  The celebration ended with prayer for Madiba's health.

Oh, sorry that must have been an impersonator??  Yes, one of the learners were dressed up as Madiba.  The other learners, who didn't know who it was, were quite intrigued by Madiba's appearance.

Two companies supplied all learners with snacks.  Lange Strategic Communications gave sandwiches to all the learners and Woolworths V&A supplied them with hotdogs, fruit and snacks.    Woolworths V&A further pledged their continued support for the next 12 months.  We are very grateful to these companies for their support and commitment.

The learners were very happy with the goodies they received. 

Mr Kamish (principal) having a chat with the Woolworths V&A Team Leaders: Mr Jefferies, Ayesha and Samantha.

The Woolworths team enjoyed some coffee and biscuits before leaving.


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