Friday, 6 September 2013

Appeal for Donations

To Whom It May Concern

We hereby request a donation towards our Bazaar.  Our Bazaar will be held on 14 September 2013 at our school premises.  The aim of the Bazaar is to raise funds to improve conditions at our school.  We wish to purchase at least four computers and four data projectors, so that we can utilise the latest technology in all our classes for the benefit of all our learners.  We also wish to further upgrade the security at our school, in order to eradicate the frequent acts of burglary and vandalism which are still ongoing.

At WEPS (Walmer Estate Primary School) our policy is to forge lasting relationships with various companies that can be of mutual benefit to all parties concerned.  We therefore do not send hundreds of letters for donations, which appears to be the norm with most educational institutions.

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL:  AREA SITUATED:  WEPS is situated in Walmer Estate, which forms part of the upper Woodstock area.  The school lies at the foot of Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain less than 1 km outside the Cape Town city centre.  The school is situated on the South East border of Walmer Estate in an area also known as Zonnebloem.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONDITIONS:  Although Walmer Estate is considered by many as a fairly affluent area, our school is situated on the border, which has been neglected to a large extent.  The majority of our learners (about 75%) are from the black townships, mainly from Khayelitsha, Langa & Gugulethu.  The other 25% are mostly from the Woodstock/ Salt River area and some townships.  A small percentage of our learners are from the immediate area.  More than 60% of our learners come from single parent homes or live with a guardian (normally the grandmother).  Although we manage to retrieve about 60% of our school fees , most of our parents struggle to pay the school fees.  We normally have the situation where 50% or less school fees have been paid by September, although we try to encourage parents to pay all school fees by June every year.  Many parents still pay the previous year’s fees at the beginning of the following year.  Due to the socio-economic conditions many learners do not get a proper breakfast in the morning.  The majority of our learners benefit from our feeding scheme, through which we feed them on a daily basis.

SPORT:  We do not have any sport facilities, such as soccer fields, other than the one netball pitch which is also used for tennis coaching. We have a very small playground, which is divided into three play areas:  an enclosed play area with a dilapidated jungle gym (which is also in need of a complete make-over) for the foundation phase, a second area, which includes the tennis/ netball pitch; and a lower area which is primarily used by the senior learners for soccer practise and other ball games.  

We have a fairly extensive sport programme which includes swimming, tennis, table tennis, soccer and chess.  Our annual Swimming Gala gives all learners the opportunity to participate in a day of water sport & fun events.  The tennis programme takes places throughout the year.  The Growing Tennis Foundation supports us by sending their coaches twice a week to manage this programme.  All learners and class teachers are involved. 

We are aware that most companies, like yours, have an extensive charity programme, however we request that you consider our plight seriously and respond favourably.  You are more than welcome to visit our premises in order to ascertain the validity of this request.  You may also visit the pages of this blog for further information.  For contact details go to:

Thank you.
Yours faithfully

Idrees Kamish


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