Thursday, 25 February 2016

Day One Activities at Camp

Hi All.
(Mr Louw, our current Grade 7 educator, who joined the learners on the camp, sent this report:)

Day 1 went pretty well. There was one teacher per school. The excitement built up as we were on our way and finally reached the camp at about 11:15. We were all shown our dorms and put our belongings down then went straight to the hall. Here Mr. Lappies spelt out the rules of the camp and the kids were divided into 6 groups with 6 kids per group. We then went to the beach where the kids played in the water a bit then were asked to create a logo and song for their group (pics to follow ��).

Points in the form of beans were given to the winner and all other teams. Dried beans are awarded as prizes and for courtesies done by kids. Bean points will be added at the end of the camp and winners and prizes will be chosen. This helped tremendously with the discipline of the kids. No incidents to report to date and their behaviour has been examplary. We then walked back to the camp.

We changed clothes and were ready for the reptile show. It was really fascinating. We saw lizards, frogs and lots of snakes both venomous and harmless. And oh yes the albino python which weighed 45kg (still a baby) and was about 6.2m long. We were allowed to touch most reptiles and some pics were taken. After a short 10 min rest we went back to the beach area where the groups competed with each other in a mini olympic games. Again beans were awarded for the winner and subsequent teams.

At about 18:15 we enjoyed a hearty supper. We had speghetti and mince, battered fish and pickled (ingelegde) fish. After a short rest where kids had free time to play ball games, after sunset we were back in the hall for a DVD show about our environment. The last activity for the night was a night hike. It was lights out soon after our return.

Day 2 holds more excitement with an early start of about 6.00am ending off with group concert and poitjie kos competitions ...

Mr. Louw over and out for now ��
25 February 2016 at 02:51

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