Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Dear Parents & Guardians & Friends

In order to improve our communication with the parents and guardians of all our learners, we have started using an SMS service (SMSWeb).  If you have received SMSes from school recently, it means that the cell phone number that you have provided to the school is correct and working.  If you have not received any SMS, it means that you have probably supplied us with an incorrect number, or the number you gave when you registered your child is no longer in operation.

Since we shall be using this SMS service extensively in future
- to keep all our parents up to date with events at school and to remind those who still have outstanding school fees, it is of utmost importance that we have your correct contact details. 

We shall also be making use of emailing in future (especially for longer messages and the regular school circulars), so all those who have an email address, must please supply us with it.  Parents who do not have their own email address, should try and get one ASAP.  After all it takes less than 5 minutes to set up a new email address.  Alternatively a family member’s email address can be used until such time that you have your own one.  If you do supply us with an email address that is not your own, then please write the letters NMO (“Not My Own”) next to it in brackets. 

When supplying email addresses, please be precise, i.e. do not leave blank spaces, where there should be none.  If you email address is lucyjones24@gmail.com – do not write lucy jones 24@gmail.com , because then it won’t work.  CAPITAL LETTERS does not matter when using email addresses, so if the above was written LucyJones24@gmail.com or LUCYjones24@gmail.com or LUCYJONES24@GMAIL.COM – it will still work.  Do not make mistakes between the – (dash) and the _ (underscore)!  If your name is Anda-Thembi and you write Anda – Thembi  or Anda_Thembi, it will also not work! 

Remember one can receive and send emails with most cell phones, tablets or iPads nowadays, so you do not have to have your own computer to use emails.

In order to ensure that we have all your latest relevant details, please complete the yellow form which was issued to all parents. If for some reason you did not receive one during the past few weeks, then please request one from our office.

Thank you

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